Deloitte Acquires Optimal Design Co.


Deloitte acquired substantially all of the assets of Optimal Design Co., a Chicago, IL-based product engineering services (PES) company specializing in the innovation and development of smart connected products and internet of things (IoT) devices.

The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

The acquisition of Optimal Design’s business adds to Deloitte’s engineering capabilities, including a broad skill set that enables opportunity for clients across the innovation spectrum — from product ideation to physical prototype development.

The addition of Optimal Design’s business follows several strategic global acquisitions, underscoring Deloitte’s commitment to the product engineering industry. Building on its 2022 acquisition of substantially all the assets of Dextra Technologies — as well as its 2020 acquisition of HashedIn Technologies, a cloud native software engineering and product development firm, Deloitte is positioned as an end-to-end leader in PES. 

Established in 2003 by Sajid Patel, CEO, Joe Wascow and Dan Williams, Optimal Design provides “idea to reality” services that include industrial design, hardware engineering, embedded software, connectivity and rapid prototyping. The company has served customers ranging from Fortune 500 companies to start-up businesses across areas that include consumer and industrial electronics, medical devices, consumer durables and automotive.