Anthemis Receives Investments from Visa and BMO for Female Innovators Lab Fund

Anthemis, a NYC-based specialist asset manager that creates value from driving financial systems change, received additional investments from institutions including  Visa and BMO for its Female Innovators Lab (FIL) Fund.

Anchored by Barclays, with investment from Aviva, the fund now totals $50 million.

With this latest raise, the fund will invest in additional early-stage companies and continue its focus on designing, sourcing, and scaling female-founded embedded finance startups.

Launched in 2019 and led by Anthemis’ Global Head of Venture Studio, Katie Palencsar, the FIL Fund actively invests in women-led startups across North America, UK and Europe. FIL’s approach is modeled on Anthemis’ embedded finance investment thesis, targeting business models that deploy financial services within a diverse set of industries including sustainability, beauty, ecommerce, and more. FIL combines Anthemis early-stage asset management capacities with a singular network of strategic investors, diversifying deal sourcing and providing peerless strategic support to the FIL portfolio. 

Through the venture studio and fund, Anthemis has sourced over 1,500 early-stage female-founded companies and shaped and funded portfolio companies like Addition (a workplace financial wellness platform), Pile (a cash management tool for businesses), and Upkeep (a marketplace for beauty treatments).