Klang Games Raises $41M in Series C Funding

Klang Games, a Berlin, Germany-based game development studio, completed its Series C funding of $41m, increasing its total funds raised to nearly $80m.

The round was co-led by Animoca Brands and Kingsway Capital, with participation from Anthos, Novator, Supercell, Roosh, AngelHub, and New Life Ventures.

The funding will be used to expand the growth of Klang Games in order to accelerate the development of SEED. Specifically, the company will focus on:

  • Company growth, doubling the current staff size within the next 12 months, from 70 up to 150 people
  • Creating a collaborative and inspiring work environment in the heart of Berlin
  • Further developing and improving the scalable back-end and technical infrastructure of SEED

Founded in 2013 and led by Mundi Vondi, CEO, Klang Games is a game studio that is exploring the future of humanity through various forms of media. At its core there is SEED, a large-scale virtual world in which players shape their realities.

Set in the new world of Avesta, SEED offers players a platform where they can explore, participate in a player-driven economy, self-govern, and contribute to their community. SEED is experienced through its AI-driven virtual humans, called Seedlings. Seedlings are customizable, allowing for creative player expression, and rely on the active caretaking skills of the players. Currently in the Pre-Alpha state, SEED’s focus is on creating an online space where people can connect, work together, and build strong communities.

With the Series C funding round, Klang Games is also announcing a new member of its executive team. Isabelle Henriques joined Klang Games’ management as Co-CEO and COO in February of 2022, bringing with her 14 years of experience in management, operations, strategy and production. She has a diverse background, previously acting as Studio Director and Lead Producer at Electronic Arts, and has worked on multiple AAA blockbuster franchises including The SimsCall of Duty, and Madden.