Empowerly Raises $10M in Funding

Empowerly, a San Francisco, CA-based data-driven education technology company, raised $10M in funding.

Backers included Goodwater Capital, FJ Labs, Scrum Ventures, Translink Capital, Azure Capital Partners, Spero Ventures, Thinkplus Ventures and Mentors Fund.

The company intends to use the funds to grow product and engineering team to scale, invest in existing and new acquisition channels, and prepare for the launch of the mobile app.

Empowerly is a data-driven education technology company that provides personalized college and career guidance to students and their families. Empowerly uses algorithms and human expertise to connect students with their best-match counselors — all of whom have a diverse mix of backgrounds, from medical and science to economics and engineering degrees — who will assess their applicant competitiveness at top U.S. colleges and universities, internships and research programs.

With the Empowerly Score™ — a predictive technology system that can also quantify subjective material — students are offered a three-pronged approach to evaluate academics, essays, and extracurricular activities. This provides them with a 360-degree view of how to be competitive against other applicants.