Agile Space Industries Raises $1.8M In Funding

Agile Space Industries

Agile Space Industries, a Durango, Colo.-based provider of propulsion solutions for spaceflight missions, has won the Greater Colorado Pitch Series Investment Competition, with a $1.8m venture debt commitment from Greenline Ventures.

Founded in 2009 by Jeffrey Max, Chairman, Agile Space Industries provides mission-optimized propulsion solutions on fast space timelines by coupling rapid prototyping with diagnostic testing and analysis.

With a new headquarters facility at 1514 Main Avenue in Durango, a rocket engine test facility adjacent to the Durango Airport, and manufacturing facilities in Durango and Pittsburgh, PA, Agile designs, tests, and produces aerospace propulsion systems by leveraging 3D printing technology, using exotic metals and refractory alloys.

A State-wide competition with over 100 applicant companies participating in a range of investment categories, the Greater Colorado Pitch Series will ultimately deliver 2.15 million dollars to Colorado based companies in varied industries, stages of growth, and Rural Colorado communities.