CryptoSlam Receives Initial Funding Round


CryptoSlam, a Overland Park, Kan.-based provider of an aggregator of NFT collectible data from Ethereum, WAX, and FLOW blockchains, received an initial funding round of undisclosed amount.

Backers included Mark Cuban, which made the investment through his VC entity Radical Investments, as well as Aloomii Inc., Troon Technologies, and GeoAds.

Led by Randy Wasinger, founder and CEO, is a platform for tracking all things NFT — from NBA Top Shot moments to CryptoPunks, Bitcoin Origins, Sorare and more.

CryptoSlam now tracks over fifty different NFT projects from three different blockchains.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique, digital items with ownership managed on the blockchain. Examples include collectibles, digital art, and game items, among other use-cases. They have exploded in popularity in recent months with celebrities including Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady and even Mark Cuban himself minting their own NFTs for charity or starting their own NFT companies.