How to Make Your New Business Discoverable Online


One of the hardest things about starting a business is grabbing the attention of the right customers and clients.

If no one knows who you are, you won’t be able to grow your venture and profit from your hard work. So, how do you make your new business discoverable by the relevant people?

Get Active on Social Media

A large percentage of individuals discover new brands and seek recommendations for companies via social media – which is why it’s so important that you have a strong presence across all of the relevant platforms. You should choose your sites carefully – if you sell attractive products, consider signing up to more visual platforms. If you offer a range of services, perhaps something more text heavy will be better to enable you to impart more information.

A combination of multiple outlets is always the best option. Once you’re set up, you need to create new, original, on-brand posts regularly to keep users interested. You also need to interact with other relevant accounts by sharing or commenting on their content occasionally, and be sure to respond to any customer activity on your own profile as swiftly and effectively as possible.

Keep Your Website Updated

Your website should be attractive, intuitive, legible and easy to navigate. Don’t crowd it with wordy chunks of text – share all of the necessary information in a concise, easy to digest manner to keep users engaged. Make sure it can be used properly on smartphones, computers and tablets. You also need to upload new content regularly, to show visitors and search engines that you are still active and have lots of things to offer.

Practice Intent SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a technique used by digital marketing experts to boost a particular brand to the top of the search engine results. The easiest way to achieve this is by using free online keyword research tools to find the words and phrases most commonly entered into search engines by users looking for products and services just like yours. Many resources will even let you narrow your search down by location. The more specific and relevant the keywords are, the more likely you are to attract visitors who will make a purchase. This is known as intent SEO.

You can then include the most popular keywords organically into your content, which will help your website appear higher up when those terms are searched in the future. Be sure to repeat the keyword research process regularly to keep your content up to date. Intent SEO can help you to outrank your competitors and multiply your revenue with very little work involved.

Get a Google My Business Account

Signing up to Google My Business will help you to edit what the public sees on your search engine listing. You can include your location (which will make you searchable on Google Maps), contact details, images, descriptions, events and star ratings.

Sign Up to Web Listings and Review Sites

Get your name up among the most successful professionals in your field by having your company listed or recommended on specialist online round-ups. Just make sure you keep your contact details up to date on each. You can also sign up to multiple review sites to display the great things that customers say about you. Be sure to respond to all reviews in a friendly, timely manner and resolve any complaints graciously and effectively. If you impress the public with your demeanor while doing this, it’s a big win.