VectorY Launches To Develop Innovative Vectorized Antibodies

VectorY, an Amsterdam, The Netherlands-based fully integrated gene therapy company focused on the development of innovative vectorized antibodies for muscular and neurodegenerative disorders, has officially launched.

The company was seeded by Forbion.

Operational since October 2020 with laboratories and offices at the Amsterdam Science Park in The Netherlands, VectorY develops proprietary and partnered programs based on a novel AAV platform and innovative antibody-based targeted degradation technologies.

The company is creating a pipeline of innovative vectorized antibodies targeting muscular and CNS diseases, aimed at overcoming limitations of current therapies, specifically by improving delivery, durability and accessibility of targeted tissues and cells. These novel viral vectors will have enhanced properties of non-immunogenicity, cell type specificity and expression in selected sub-cellular compartments, thus unlocking new treatment opportunities in these disease areas.

This year, VectorY is setting up its own GMP manufacturing facilities in Amsterdam. Its technology platform will be developed for scalability and yield, with the aim of significantly lowering the costs of advanced gene therapies.

The company has already negotiated its first corporate collaboration agreement, gaining access to a highly relevant neuro-inflammation target to develop a vectorized antibody therapy for treatment of neurological disorders. VectorY will continue to consider further collaborations in parallel to progressing its proprietary programs.

Marco Boorsma, General Partner at Forbion, is joining the management team as Interim CEO. Co-founders Carlo Incerti, Pavlina Konstantinova, Anthony Newcombe, and Barbara Sanders all bring their experience in gene therapy, vector development, and biopharmaceutical manufacturing expertise. Carlo Incerti, Operating Partner at Forbion and previously Chief Medical Officer of Sanofi Genzyme, will join VectorY’s board as Chairman, together with Sander Slootweg, Managing Partner at Forbion, as board member.