Actasys Raises $5M in Seed Funding


Actasys, Inc., a Brooklyn, N.Y.-based company that applies aerodynamic principles to solve critical problems in the automotive and mobility industries, closed a $5M seed funding round.

The round was led by Volvo Cars Tech Fund and NextGear Ventures.

Led by Miles Flamenbaum, CEO, Actasys has developed the ActaJetâ„¢ system, which is an electronically controlled array of small actuator cartridges that generate strong jets of air without the need for rotary fans or compressors. The ActaJet system offers multiple safety and efficiency solutions to the automotive and mobility sectors. The lead ActaJet product is for the cleaning and clearing of sensors on vehicles and smart mobility systems.

The company currently works with Volvo and automotive and transportation companies to address needs for sensor cleaning in the vehicle sector as well as for other sensor critical uses such as robots, camera systems, and traffic monitoring. ActaJet products are also being developed for cooling of electronic components and electric vehicle battery packs as a smart, adaptive replacement of rotary fans or compressed air.



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