Video Marketing Statistics: All You Need to Know

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Video marketing has continued to evolve over several years, and this is why it is crucial that your business keeps up with the latest trends and statistics in video marketing. With 2020 coming to an end, you need to look at certain video marketing statistics that can help you in marketing your business better. 

This article will talk about all the prominent statistics which you must know. These statistics will help you in understanding the importance of video marketing in the current as well as future scenarios.

22% of all business videos are streamed on a Thursday

If you are someone who is into video marketing, debates about when to launch the video might seem pretty common to you. Most business videos are viewed on a Thursday, so you can keep this day to post useful content online for your audience.

If not Thursday, you can pick Wednesday to post such content online since business video views stand at 18% on Wednesdays. This happens because, at the start of the week, business leaders generally spend time attending to urgent issues. As the week progresses, they get more time to navigate and browse such content online.

87% of views for B2B video marketing are from desktop

Although you might feel that cellphones are majorly used to view content these days, keep in mind that 87% of the views for B2B content come from desktop users. Since it is such a staggering number, it is important to note the significance of it.

This happens because the majority of the audience for B2B content are the ones who are exploring the web from their office. When you make your B2B videos desktop friendly, the video viewing experience becomes compelling for viewers, which would, in turn, benefit you.

85% of the time, the video is distributed by companies through their websites

Although there are methods to share and distribute videos like YouTube, Facebook, and other social networking sites, 85% of the time, companies pick their own website as the means for video distribution.

When brands host the videos on their websites, the likelihood of the viewers finding other online content goes up. Such high-quality corporate videos work very well to showcase the company’s achievements and also display how appealing a place is to work.

In 56% of the cases, a webinar is the preferred type of video content by businesses

It is indeed a challenge to decide on the video content type to post online for any business. In 56% of the cases, they tend to go for webinars. Social media videos and product guides come after webinars when it comes to the company’s investments.

Webinars are one of the best ways of video marketing since there are plenty of webinar types to drive company profits. Such videos allow the viewers to weigh in about topics that would matter in the future.

85% of businesses use metrics to measure video effectiveness

The dependence of companies on ultra-detailed metrics might increase dramatically in the coming years. Eleven percent of these people also mentioned that they used advanced metrics like viewer drop-off rates and heat maps to measure the effectiveness of videos they posted online.

Although there are several companies out there who are still apprehensive about this, they must understand that using video metrics can tell them what is working and what is not so that a few details can be tweaked.

73% of business videos are shorter than 2 minutes

The video marketing trends in 2020 suggest that it is better to keep business videos short and sweet. While 73% of the videos posted are shorter than 2 minutes, only about 2% of the videos are longer than ten minutes.

The main goal of the video content is to keep the audience engaged till the end of the video. When you make the video length longer, viewers may lose interest, and many important data and facts, which you would have otherwise wanted them to see, would be missed.

Internal and external video creation resources are used by 57% of small-medium businesses

Fifty-seven percent of small to medium businesses make use of both internal as well as external resources to effectively meet their video production goals. It is actually very intelligent to make use of in-house resources and then fill in the gaps with external resources.

Generally, companies of almost all sizes depend majorly on internal resources available to them. Businesses can improve the outcome of such resources by improving the skills of the current employees or by even hiring video creation experts.

If a video is less than a minute, 68% of the audience will watch the entire video

Another statistic suggests that if your video is less than a minute long, 68% of viewers would watch it completely.

If you are a video marketer, you need to have the ability to post maximum useful information in the most straightforward and effective manner, in minimum video time. This factor becomes especially crucial if your brand has not yet gained substantial trust from the viewing audience.

These statistics can definitely help you in improving your existing techniques of video marketing. By following these upcoming trends, you can definitely drive up your business’s success by taking your video marketing game up a notch.

Regardless of what your company size is, crossing over milestones in your business journey through videos is definitely achievable.

You can definitely maximize your potential of marketing your business through videos and can reach your target audience much more effectively when you keep these statistics in mind while designing video marketing strategies. 

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