Solarea Bio Raises $11.2M in Series A Financing

Solarea Bio

Solarea Bio, a Cambridge, MA-based biotech company developing microbial-based solutions to aid human health, raised $11.2M in Series A financing.

The round was led by S2G Ventures and Bold Capital Partners, with participation from Viking Global, and Gisev Family Office as a syndicate investor.

The company will use the proceeds from its Series A to advance its musculoskeletal product, SBD111, through a clinical proof of activity trial as well as continue the discovery and development of its ongoing pipeline of microbial-based products.

Led by Gerardo V Toledo, CEO and Co-founder, Solarea has built a platform to rapidly identify novel products that address widespread chronic health disorders. The company has generated a large database of the complete genomic sequences of microbes derived from healthy foods. Using computational approaches, Solarea generates synergistic combinations of bacteria, fungi, and prebiotic fibers with powerful anti-inflammatory capabilities to address specific chronic conditions that afflict large numbers of people. These have been validated in-vitro and in-vivo in preclinical mouse models. Its first application aims to aid in the dietary management of the metabolic processes that cause osteopenia and osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. This provides a nature-based solution to improving women’s health and well-being.



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