Make Your First Step Towards MCSA SQL 2016 Database Development Certification by Passing Microsoft 70-761 Exam Using Practice Tests

Ever worried about job security? As you may already know, the world is quickly becoming more tech-centric and most of the jobs have some technological elements. The cloud, big data, robotics — and these are only a couple of areas that are increasingly shaping the way lots of industries work today.

This implies that a mix of entrepreneurial skills and emerging technologies will be a big part of future careers. If you are only getting started in this field, this is the perfect time to revamp your resume by acquiring and validating new competencies that will put you ahead of the pack. And if the SQL Server technology is interesting for you, keep reading to know more about the Microsoft 70-761 Practice Test Questions and why passing it is important for forward-thinking IT professionals.

Microsoft 70-761: Querying Data with Transact-SQL Exam

Transact-SQL is a query language that’s commonly used in SQL Server. And exam 70-761 verifies the skills in working with this language and is the first test that is required to earn the MCSA certification in SQL 2016 Database Development. This exam will validate your ability to manage and query data and program databases using Transact-SQL.

Ideal Audience

The MCSA certification in SQL 2016 Database Development is designed for IT Specialists looking to showcase their ability to manage different types of databases. Microsoft advises that all the candidates must have acquired the basic database management skills in addition to meeting other prerequisites.

Microsoft 70-761 Practice Test Questions test is a befitting option for system developers, system engineers, and database administrators specializing in SQL Server. Any individual with keen interest can attempt this assessment as long as they fulfill all the requirements. These include having 2 or more years of proven work experience in a relevant field and paying the full exam fee worth $165. To ace it, you should register a score of 700. Along with passing 70-762 exam, it will bring you the desired Free 70-761 VCE MCSA credential. But notice that this will be easy only if you thoroughly prepare, so let’s explore some useful study clues and the most popular prep resources.

3 Great Preparation Tips

It’s painfully true that cramming never guarantees success in your certification test in your first try. And the same can be said for last-minute rushes when the exam day approaches. Instead, you should dedicate sufficient time for proper training using reliable resources and some tips.

  • Create flashcards

Reading huge revision books is not for everyone. As an alternative, you can set up flash cards covering vital exam objectives. This way, you will have sufficient time to prepare for every topic and keep track of your progress.

  • Set specific goals for every study session

This is where a plan or a study guide comes in handy. Instead of focusing on the entire book at once, dedicate enough time for every topic with a specific goal to understand it until the end of the study session. This also prevents you from having to repeat the materials already covered.

  • Switch off your phone, if you can

Your smartphone is one of the best distractors you can ever get. Turn it off or set the airplane mode, and your self-discipline will be tested by your ability to resist the strong urge to check your Facebook account or email notifications in the midst of a study session.

Although these tips are helpful, you’ll get the best use of them only if studying with the right materials. Read on to know about the most common options available.

Microsoft Prep Resources

As a certification provider, Certbolt Microsoft itself sponsors several exam prep materials for candidates to utilize during their training journey. Firstly, you can enroll in instructor-led course 20761A or take online training to improve your knowledge of data query with Transact-SQL.

Also, be sure to review the official study guide of the Exam Ref series to have good a grasp of the concepts assessed. The Exam Ref 70-761: Querying Data with Transact-SQL is published by the Microsoft Press Store, it carries exercises and short topic-by-topic reviews that highlight what the real exam may test.

In addition, you can take a trial exam and explore the question formats, Microsoft gives you such an opportunity through its practice test. And if you find this method helpful, pay your attention to more sets of questions and answers from the website.

Why is a Great Platform for Exam Prep is a great option when it comes to certification exam preparation because of the exceptional training materials it offers. If candidates want an easy way to pass test 70-761, they can use free or paid exam dumps provided on this platform. Notice, that the materials in the Microsoft 70-761 Premium Bundle ($59.99) are expert-verified and include questions and answers, a study guide, and training course of lectures.

What’s more, this website provides its dumps in the ete format so you need the ETE Software to practice with them. This tool mimics the real testing format as experienced in the actual exam. It involves the interactive interface, time limits, and score reports. So, any candidate training with this exam simulator will not only grasp the topics but also boost confidence in their knowledge and skills.


They say, without pain, there is no gain. But when it comes to Microsoft 70-761, you can avoid pain if you use the official study materials and reliable exam dumps because what really matters here is the knowledge as well as skills you have. You can build a fruitful career by passing this Microsoft exam through diligence, hard work, and determination. So, start your preparation today, ace the test, and enjoy all the perks of becoming MCSA certified in SQL 2016 Database Development.

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