Praetura Ventures Launches Evergreen Fund

Praetura Ventures

Praetura Ventures, a Manchester, UK-based investor that backs quality businesses in high-value sectors, has launched the Praetura EIS Growth Fund.

As an “evergreen” fund, the Praetura EIS Growth Fund is looking to raise up to £30m per annum. The funds raised will be deployed to support the growth ambitions of businesses in the North and across the UK. This will include early-stage businesses looking for smaller, seed-stage investments as well as capital and support for more developed businesses that are looking to scale.

Alongside capital, the investee businesses receive the strategic support and guidance of the 25-strong team at Praetura Ventures, who work closely with the business leaders and management teams.

Praetura is led by David Foreman, managing director, and Jonathan Prescott, business development director.



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