Lighter Capital Launches in Canada

lighter capital

Lighter Capital, a US provider of growth capital to tech startups, is making its debt financing offerings, including term loans and lines of credit, available to the Canadian market.

The expansion of Lighter Capital’s debt-financing business will provide Canadian entrepreneurs with an alternative to traditional equity sources such as venture capital or bank financing.

Led by Thor Culverhouse, CEO, Lighter Capital is a fintech company that has created a new fundraising path for early-stage tech companies. The firm provides founders up to $3 million of non-dilutive growth capital. Rather than take equity, Lighter takes a percentage of monthly revenues over the life of the loan, doesn’t require board seats, warrants or personal guarantees from its borrowers. Since 2012, the firm has invested over $200 Million in more than 350 U.S.-based startups in over 650 rounds of financing.



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