Aliro Raises $2.7M in Funding

aliroAliro Technologies, a Cambridge, Mass.-based software company that commercializes technologies making today’s quantum hardware more accessible, raised $2.7m in seed funding.

Leading investors in this seed round include Flybridge Capital Partners, Crosslink Capital, and Samsung NEXT, among others.

The company has spun out of Narang Lab, Harvard University’s Quantum Information Science Lab.

Led by Prof. Prineha Narang & Jim Ricotta, Aliro intends to “democratize” quantum computing by commercializing new software technologies that make today’s quantum hardware more accessible and useful for any coder.
Its cloud-ready platform facilitates the composition and verification of quantum programs, as well as hybrid (classical-quantum) programs and enables their execution on the best quantum hardware for the job. These applications range from molecular simulation (with implications in drug discovery, materials development, and chemistry), financial optimization, quantum machine learning and artificial intelligence, advanced logistics, and more.



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