Domain Therapeutics Raises €3.5M in Funding

Domain-TherapeuticsDomain Therapeutics, a Strasbourg, France-based biopharma company, secured €3.5M ($3.9M) in funding.

Existing shareholder Seventure Partners made the investment.

The company intends to use the funds to accelerate its next growth phase.

Founded in 2008 and led by Pascal Neuville, CEO, Domain Therapeutics is a biopharma company dedicated to the discovery and early development of programs targeting membrane receptors in Central Nervous System (CNS) disorders; oncology/immuno-oncology and rare diseases.
The company, which identifies and develops candidates (allosteric modulators and biased ligands) through innovative approach and technologies, has three revenue-generating pillars to its innovative business model:
1) collaboration with pharma companies for the discovery of new drug candidates,
2) out-licensing of its bioSens-All™ technology and
3) creation of asset centric vehicles for the development of its internal pipeline of preclinical candidates for central nervous system disorders and cancer.
In 2018, Domain Therapeutics successfully executed on these three pillars, thanks to
1) a multitarget collaboration agreement with Boehringer Ingelheim,
2) a license granted on the bioSens-All™ technology platform to BMS and
3) the acquisition by Lundbeck of Prexton Therapeutics, one of the asset-centric companies developing Domain’s programs.



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