5 Tips to Run Unstoppable Instagram Advertising Campaigns

team collaborationYou might have guessed that advertising on such mobile advertising networks as Instagram is very popular. Well, to be honest – it is extremely popular. Advertising income here is expected to reach almost 11 billion dollars. Sounds crazy, yeah?

The reason of such situation is simple – there are near 2 million of active Advertisers on the network. This news is really exciting as if they could succeed, there is a reason to join them.

What is the secret?

Visual perception was main focus of the platform exactly since the moment of its launching. There is no better place for numerous brands that advertise modern clothes or touristic companies showing beauty of Caribbean beaches.

According to inner research of the platform, 3/4 of users themselves search for such brand that can satisfy their need of visual perception as they follow at least one brand on the platform, more than a half find new products exactly due to Instagram and business accounts are attended at least once a day.

You see, the ad platform is already giving you perfect opportunities and it is important not to neglect them. The situation will be even simpler as we have prepared several ideas for you not to rack your brains.

Choose your goal

Obviously, before launching any campaign you should understand why and what for you are doing it. We can have a good example from Facebook Ad Manager. There are three variants possible:

  • Brand awareness

In this case you should show your ad as often as possible. But it is also important for users to memorize your brand. There is a great engine on the platform that is called ad recall lift for you to estimate it.

  • Consideration

This goal should be taken when you want your clients to take an action, but don’t push them exactly to sales.

  • Conversions

Ad formats

It is the next stage you should thoroughly think about. You choice will depend a lot on your goal. Fotoads will suit for brand awareness. According to your needs, there can be added different CTA buttons like “Shop now”, “Contact us” and others.

A clever move is to download a small video (less than a minute) with autoplay for people to see it anyway.

Carousel ads will help you to show several products from your collection.

Focus on your dream audience

It is logically to show your ads those people who will be interested in them. There is an ocean of targeting options on Instagram now that means you have a lot of variants to try different ads on variety of audiences. There are 3 types of audience you can choose:

  • core – default option for platform users;
  • custom – this audience used to be related to your brand before;
  • lookalike – these are people with the same characteristics your current audience has.

Be smart with your budget

Advertising is more than just business, it is a contemporary ad. Asking about price is not so wise: all the budgets you are ready to invest will suit. Instagram will be very wise in spendings according to the sum you give and your goals. Options:
daily – the platform spends your money up to a stated limit for a day;
lifetime – expenses are equidistributed for all period of your campaign.

Be correct with your biddings

Again, mind your goal before thinking how much.
CPM model will suit for those who are working on brand awareness.
CPC is a good option when you need to have direct responses like purchase or downloading.

Choice of the biddings type depends on the amount of your audience: in case you work for mass audience – it will be a good idea to take automatic biddings. And manual once will suit for small groups.

Instagram is a big world with constant changes and evaluations and, unfortunately, there is a chance that something may go wrong. But on the other hand, you are opening a universe with thousands of opportunities that will certainly impress and attract you.

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