The Best Way To Get More Real Followers on Instagram


Instagram is one of the most powerful social media platforms active around the globe, with lots of users who post and share their pictures daily. The most important asset that you have on this platform is your followers. Having more and more followers, you will get more impression for your promotions, ads and product introduction posts. If you are new to Instagram or you want to raise your sale on this platform, you should use proper approaches and tools like Instamber to increase the number of your followers. We will talk about these ways in the following sections.

Why do you need to invest on Instagram for your business?

Instagram, with over one billion monthly active users, is the best social platform for promoting small businesses and increasing their sale. Constant updates and adding new features like Story, Live Video, Photo Album, Business Account and so on have made it easier for users and influencers to use this platform and share contents made exclusively for this platform, like what we have seen before in YouTube.

Basic requirements to start marketing on Instagram

Content creation is the core of every Instagram page. If you have a business page which is being updated on a daily basis with targeted content like video series, posts having related hashtags, challenging Instagram stories with polls, etc, we can say you are moving in the right direction.
However, if you want to be the number one in your business or market, high quality content is not enough. You should also use different marketing approaches on Instagram as the main key to an online business’s success is digital marketing and advertisement.

Common marketing approaches on Instagram 

For marketing on Instagram, due to the platforms interesting features, you have several choices. Here, we would explain some of them in details.

1. Influencer marketing 
One of the most effective ways to promote your products and business on Instagram is cooperating with Instagram influencers. These are people who share their interested or talents in a specific filed in their Instagram account like sport, fashion, and cooking, have a great audience and their posts get reposted several times by other Instagram users. So, for example, if you are a restaurant owner, the best way to get more followers and at the same time increase your sale is to cooperate with an influencer in your niche, like a food taster  who has a lot of followers.
Finding famous, active and influential Instagram figures in your niche is not hard however you can not trust all of them. Because there is no clear payment method and also their prices may be higher than what you may expect. Also you should check their followers and engagement to make sure that they have real engagement and followers. mentioned maybe slightly higher than expected. If you are planning to use influencer marketing, we recommend to consult marketing agencies that provide such services.

2. Sponsored ads
This is a newly added feature to Instagram and lets you advertise your products and services considering factors like age, gender (to be shown only to men or only to women), device (phones or tablet), location (city or country), users’ preferences and interests, type of their internet connection, the place to show the ad (story, post, …), time of the day, and type of the ad (picture or video).
The price of Instagram ads varies based on 3 factors; accessibility (how many people can see your post), engagement (the number of people interacting with your post through likes, comments and …) and impression (how many times the ad is shown to Instagram users).

3. Advertisement in great pages active in your niche 
This type of marketing is more like influencer marketing. You simply show off your products with practical videos, pictures and captions in related pages or brands active in the same niche. Pay attention again to their engagement rate to get the most out of your marketing campaigns.

The Best tools to increase the number of your Instagram followers

There are several tools which can help you grow on Instagram, here are some of the best ones:

The tools which increase the popularity and views of you Instagram posts

Instamber Instagram followers robot interact with Instagram users to encourage them visit your profile and if they find your posts and contents interesting, they would start following you. Using this bot, you can target competitors’ followers, or specific geographic locations and hashtags.


Content editor tools
Features such as image editing and video editing help you create high quality contents that can help your posts go viral and appear on the explore page of other Instagram users. Don’t forget to post contents that are interesting to your target audience, as Instagram is mainly a social network, not a business network.

Instagram management tools
Later, an application previously named as Latergramme would help you to schedule your posts and save your time. Suppose you have a lot of contents which you want to post in different times and days, all you need to do is to sign in your Instagram account via Later and schedule your posts. Then the app will notify you about your posts with a text message. You can add several Instagram accounts and manage them all at the same time.

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