Excel Capital Launches Greenwich Capital as a Direct Lending Arm


Excel Capital provides a wide range of businesses with business loans and lines of credit. In a bid to expand its offering and empower more businesses than ever before to flourish, it has launched Greenwich Capital.

This new subsection will fill a void, offering bad credit business loans with no credit check to those traditionally non bankable merchants. This means that businesses can be judged according to the strength of their cash flow instead of their credit. This helps businesses to grow and supports those hard-working merchants who have bad credit due to unfortunate circumstances.

The New Direct Lending Arm

This new offering comes to a business landscape where there are more people than ever before working to create their own business. Improvements to technology and leaps in access to that technology – paired with a spread in entrepreneurial spirit – mean that today’s entrepreneurs are more diverse than ever.

These people and their businesses will have different credit histories which may be generally considered a barrier to lending. Greenwich Capital will thoroughly assess applicants in a bid to help those businesses flourish despite past issues.

Why Small Businesses Need Financing

It’s no secret that starting a business can be difficult and that small businesses can struggle in their early years. A slight adjustment or unexpected change can result in financial difficulties, so loans and financing offer an important lifeline.

These business loans can also be used for a host of other reasons to help get a small business off the ground. Purchasing inventory in the early days of a business is essential, and early expansion is often a necessity to future growth. Many small businesses also realize that they need additional capacity and look to make early hires to expand their team and keep their business growing.

Marketing is often an area that needs attention in small businesses, and requires direct investment to help the business generate the revenue that it needs to grow. Small business loans can also be used in a bid to increase cash flow and consolidate business debt, two very important elements to any business.

Finally, small businesses may need the initial loan in a bid to upgrade existing facilities. Many small businesses require specialist and non-specialist technology that can be expensive. Business loans empower those businesses to get the tools that they need to grow and succeed.

An Industry Leader

Excel Capital has cemented its reputation as an industry leader when it comes to providing business loans of all types. By empowering small businesses to pursue finance options which are often difficult to obtain through traditional channels, Excel Capital provides an important service to hundreds of small businesses across the country.

The lender has been lauded for its ability to provide a quick and easy loan process. The application is simple and each business is accommodated according to its current valuation rather than an exploration of its previous financials. This means that small businesses are able to quickly and efficiently secure the loans that they need.

The payout process is also simple, with funds often delivered directly to those small businesses within just 48 hours. This places the important financing directly in the hands of small business owners who can use it to steer their business.

The terms are also favorable, and many businesses are quick to praise the company through a range of positive and descriptive testimonials. These can be seen on the company website and on a host of other review platforms.

The new direct lending arm of the company promises to offer the same flexibility and high standards to new businesses who are in need of bad credit business loans quickly, efficiently and fairly.

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