What Are The Main Advantages in Media Start-ups for Students?

In a world where the quality of education continues to soar thanks to disruptive technologies bringing about innovative approaches in teaching and learning, there arises the problem of millions of students hoping to partake in active employment after school. The available job opportunities cannot accommodate this surging number hence the need to pursue entrepreneurship opportunities.

According to Kauffman Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, the number of students led start-ups has increased by over 120 percent, thanks to efforts of more than 15000 Universities now offering entrepreneurship training cutting across different faculties. You do not have to pursue a business-related course to achieve this, but rather, the dispensation of knowledge that helps students become self-reliant instead of job seekers upon graduation is all it takes to move from a novice to a mogul.


This post explores advantages for teens that come with this type of start-ups, especially among students. But, first things first, let’s get down to the basics.

Getting started

Student-engineered start-ups are less costly given that governments continue to avail training, and incubation opportunities at every level, not to mention seed money one needs to keep the wheels of a new business grinding. With that, the most important thing now is getting started, and the following are tips that will help:

  • First and foremost, you must get out of personal comforts or comfort zone. Meet the right people whose success story inspire you, read about successful student-led start-ups and attend business seminars where you can ask a question that worries you the most. It is called networking and balancing student-work life, which helps you promote the idea to the right people or interested parties.
  • Secondly, you need to have an idea that would work. Usually, great business creation, including those which a student can pursue, begin with finding a solution to people’s most common problems. FinTech collective ideas are now very popular among seniors because they are not only technology driven and futuristic but also provide simple solutions to complex problems. A good example, in this case, is the use of smartphones in banking.
  • The next step is putting down everything in a clear, understandable and executable business plan. FinTech and media start-ups for students do not need a comprehensive plan in this regard, but rather, putting small business ideas into perspective.
  • Having indicated that networking helps pitch your business idea to the right audiences, it is also imperative to note that one must move to the next stage. This stage consists of finding necessary resources such as research facilities and people who can help breathe life into an idea. Give your project a facelift moving forward by seeking funding opportunities from potential investors, which may include seeking government funding credit facilities for students.


Advantages for students

Thus far, the question is, are you stuck with writing a business plan? Well, media start-ups for students include but are not limited to digital marketing media, advertising agencies, above and below the market marketing, Smartphone FinTech solutions to SMEs and schools and many others. There are many advantages that come with media start-up for students, and they include the following:

  • Networking and funding opportunities

Having explored tips on how to start a business, one of the most important advantages that come with setting up a media business as a student is that it provides you with marketing leverage. You are still young, therefore, have the vigor and time for reaching out to potential partners and investors via social media without spending much on marketing or advertising.

  • An opportunity to learn immensely

A media start-up should help drive your entrepreneurship agenda moving forward and doing so while still in college/University will open many windows full of opportunities for you. You are still young, very enthusiastic and with a burning passion for learning more. A media business creates a platform for learning from the real experts and by which you can rest assured of surefire elevating businesses ideas that will take your venture to the next level.

  • Access to massive media start-up resources

From people who have gathered expansive theoretical knowledge in media, those who have hands-on/practical experience, setting a business while still at school is a sure way of reaching great heights in marketing, communication or advertising. In fact, it is college start-ups, during which students have access to massive resources that have proven to do well in the real business world. Think about the story of Facebook or Dell and then massive website builder tools to which you have access while still in college, free of charge.

The Bottom Line

Whether you just graduated from college or are still a student, yet very passionate about media start-ups, there are many finsmes whose story can provide you with passion and drive to carry on with innovation and invention. With this post, it is time to get your idea off the ground.

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