Trifo Raises $11M in New Funding

trifoTrifo, a Santa Clara, CA-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) home robot company, received $11m in funding.

The company intends to use the funds to build the next generation of smart home robots.

Focusing on indoor home environments, Trifo has developed an end-to-end integrated hardware/software system with sensing, perception, and decision capabilities designed to perceive physics, geometry and home environment semantics. This enables robots to communicate with humans more naturally and continuously learn new skills.
The company, founded in 2016 by Zhe Zhang, CEO and founder, and Xiangsheng Ge, COO, is building consumer products that use cameras and proprietary SLAM algorithms, 3D geometry and 3D semantics, to perform complex functions such as:
– Position tracking and visual mapping
– Obstacle avoidance
– Environmental perception (temperature, humidity, etc.)
– Home surveillance and safety
– Communications

Trifo has been granted approximately 40 U.S. and Chinese patents, and has filed for more than 70 additional patents globally in U.S., Europe, and China.

The company has more than 40 employees in Santa Clara, Calif., Shenzhen, and Beijing and backed by Walden International, Matrix Partners, Samsung Ventures, and Tsinghua AI Fund.



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