Trifo Raises $15M in Series B Funding


Trifo, a Santa Clara, California-based maker of smart home products, raised 15m in Series B funding.

The round, which brought total funding raised to date to $26, was led by Yidu Cloud, Tsinghua AI Fund and Matrix Partners.

The company intends to use the funds for continued hardware and software development on future Trifo AI home robots, U.S. and European market expansion, and talent acquisition.

Led by Zhe Zhang, Founder and CEO, Trifo is a full stack AI home robot company which creates end-to-end integrated hardware/software systems with sensing, perception and decision-making capabilities. These aim to help people live better lives by perceiving physics, geometry and semantics of home environments, communicating with humans in a natural way and continuously learning new skills with advanced AI technologies.

The company has just launched Lucy, a smart home robot, outfitted with an AI-powered brain to protect home with advanced surveillance technology and clean it with powerful vacuums.

Lucy complements Max and Ironpie.



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