Help Your Sales Team With a B2B Ordering System

To create a successful sales team, you need to provide the right sales tools. One of the best tools you can offer is a B2B ordering system that automates the boring manual order taking process and free up sales reps time so they can focus on selling and building relationships.

If you’re a brand or wholesaler, you have the best tools available to manage and monitor your sales team. Choose the right people and make sure they’re in the right place at the right time? Not quite. This may create a sales team, but it doesn’t create a great sales team, and the way to sales success is motivating your team to reach their potential.

A B2B ordering system will not only empower your sales team with a simple and powerful sales tool it will also give you insights into performance as well as enabling you to communicate effectively with your team.

Let’s look at how this will help.

More time for selling

71% of sales reps say they spend too much time on data entry doing repetitive, manual administrative tasks. It would be unrealistic to expect a sales rep to spend 100% of their time selling, but there is room for improvement. The easiest way to free up more time is to automate many manual tasks including showing products, taking orders, faxing orders, answering queries and more.
With a B2B ordering system, sales reps can show products on a beautiful e-catalog, easily access customized and personalized pricing and discounts, and answer customer queries quickly and without bothering anyone else. All the information is in their hands.

Mobility is a must

Sales reps spend most of their time out in the field, selling. It’s essential to their productivity that they have access to everything they need when they’re away from the office, therefore the sales tool you provide them must be mobile.
Orders taken in the field can be transmitted directly in real-time, so order processing can start immediately. No time delays waiting for the order to be emailed or faxed in and then manually re-entered into the ERP.
For even more seamless productivity, ensure your mobile sales platform has offline capability so that internet connectivity and speed never interfere with sales. Your sales reps can still take orders at trade shows, show rooms, and retail stores or wherever they find themselves even if they are off-line.

Improve communication

Effective communication is essential for helping your sales team achieve success. Their sales will be helped if they are always up-to-speed with which products are best-sellers or on promotion, or even favorite products of their buyers based on past purchases.
A good B2B ordering system can instantly publish and communicate pricelist changes, offers, promotions, and business notifications. Your sales reps will always know what will help them sell the most.

Reduce manual errors

With automated ordering, there are much fewer touch-points during order entry. When an order is sent digitally to the ERP, it means a huge reduction in order processing errors.
Your customers will receive exactly what they ordered, and your sales reps won’t have to deal with the inconvenience of sorting out an incorrect order or returns.
Providing your sales reps with the latest online sales ordering software means turning your average sales team into a great sales team.

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