How to use Achieve3000?

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Achieve3000 nowadays is leading online differentiated instruction software. Numbers of young people dream to enroll in the university, to succeed in a job or simply to self-improve. But something is always wrong, something with a literacy level. Achieve3000 is the best training app to accelerate the literacy.

Achieve3000 student software is an online literacy based reading platform that promotes differentiation. There are more than 10,000 newspaper articles, reports that are written in 12 different reading levels. In order for students to access these articles and read them on their own reading levels, they need to go to quality writing service on a browser or download the Achieve3000 app on tablets.

Achieve3000 utilizes a simple five-step literacy routine that improves reading comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency, as well as writing skills. During this process, students gain nonfiction reading materials and follow-up activities that are precisely matched to their learning skills. These steps are also available in teacher interface with useful teacher recommendations for each of them.

5 step literacy routine of achieve3000 includes:
1. Before reading poll;
2. Article;
3. Activity;
4. After reading poll;
5. Thought question.

The first step, in a form of a poll question, activates students’ prior knowledge. Informal writing encourages practice and engages the reader in the content.

The second step is article reading. All articles appear at students’ grade level. Content remains the same, but length and difficulty vary. As the readers progress through the reading, they are promoted to summarize, to generate questions, and to set purpose. This step forms a basis leading to the thought question and formal writing.

The third step, in a form of post reading, students take an activity assessment. As the higher level of reading comprehension is completed, the Lexile reading level is differentiated and improved. Students are given a chance to reflect the received data. “Refer to the Article” encourages proper practices.

The fourth step gives students a chance to reflect, to compare, to form a summary and define whether they have changed their opinion.

And the last step. More formal writing activity drives understanding, students have already built on information provided during active reading. Students may refer back to the article. Clear objectives are provided in “Include in you Answer”. Students are provided with a detailed rubric “Argument Thought Question”.

Step-by-step Instruction to Achieve3000 Platform

Once you enter the website click on “User Login” at the right side of a page. Type your username and password that is provided by the platform. After the login process, a placement test will pop up on the screen to be completed by students. Students must complete this assessment test to be able to read the articles on their own reading levels. They need to click on “Next” button to start the test.

A level test is an adaptive test that measures students’ reading levels to be able to differentiate the content. From 30 to 40 filling the blank questions are asked. All of them are multiple-choice questions.

Achieve3000 app enables access to bright future, successful career and improved literacy. Do not hesitate! Just use it!

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