Arya App: One Stop Solution To All Your Investing Problems


Gone are the days when investing and trading were a thing for high-profile business owners only. Nowadays, due to upscaling of financial literacy and the emergence of tools that foster networking among budding investors and experts of the field, the investing sector has seen an upsurge in the growth charts.

However, it is important to note the fact that it is difficult to begin investing. One needs guidance and interaction. Therefore, we present to you the Arya app, which makes investing an effortless procedure.

About Arya

TechX FZ launched Arya app in 2019 with a motive to “Invest smart, live Better.” The main objective of the company is to diversify investments and teach every individual the art of it.

The platform is witness to a close-knit community where investors and traders can communicate and express their views on the highs and lows of the market. With amazing technological solutions, training courses, awareness programs, the team of Arya is focused on making financial management a mandatory skill.

The creators of the Arya app not only provide networking and education about investing but also make investing a safe experience by minimizing risk, capital management, and automation in the prediction of the future state of the stock market.

Guide for the beginners

It’s an easy process, to begin with, Arya. All you have to do is download the app from the play store, get yourself registered by providing your name, email, and phone number. Tada! You are done. Welcome to the real world of investing and trading.

The app has three options on the top, namely, ideas, watch, and favorite. The titles reflect the purpose. You can update your views on the timeline at any time of the day, read expert advice, scroll through delightful content about the world of the stock market, cryptocurrencies, mutual funds, and so much more.

All content can be liked, commented on, and shared. This helps in analyzing the opinion of the majority, giving you an idea about the investing world outside your four-walled room.

The app has both facilities, free and a paid version, known as Premium. An 80% discount is given to users who opt for a yearly subscription, which is completely worth it. Both have their special features, with premium providing unlimited access to market ideas, zero ads, a trading account, and 1000 Arya coins.

Products by Arya

The team of Arya has curated amazing products and sells them in free and paid categories. Some of them are listed below.

Free Products: RLT Training, Wall Street Training 2.0, and Prime File are three major free plans of Arya. All these programs help you augment your investment portfolio. If you thoroughly use these freebies, capital management becomes handy.

Paid Products: This section was built with the sole motive to enhance the exposure of budding investors to resilient market strategies, which promise long-term profit. It includes Arya Essentials, Arya Pro, Arya Trade Manager, and Arya Scan. Arya Suite is the complete package of all previously mentioned products that can rescue you from all your investment issues.