TuneGO Raises Over $7.7M in Series B Financing

TuneGO, a Las Vegas-based music technology platform, raised over $7.7M in Series B financing.

The round was led by Falcon Capital.

The company will use the funds for the development of technology and application of Big Data, increase the size of its engineering team, invest in user growth and continue to expand into new international markets, particularly in Asia.

Led by John Kohl, co-founder and CEO, TuneGO is a technology platform that connects artists with the music industry. The company’s portal, which aggregates a wide variety of data points that can be customized to meet an influencer’s needs, provides artists with access to industry opportunities including virtual A&R services, sync licensing deals, radio airplay, connections with music producers, introductions to music labels, etc.
The company has aleady established partnerships and relationships with leading music and entertainment companies.



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