Passive Income is Not a Dream: How to generate Passive Income

Are you tired of your day job and you just want to quit and go on a permanent vacation? If you are like the thousands (or probably millions) of employees suffering from brain drain due to working nonstop for years, then you need to find a way to make passive income, so that you can enjoy life and spend more time doing what you love.

Even if you don’t wish to quit your day job, you can still benefit from a passive stream of income as it allows you to have a safety net to fall back on. Careers can be changed or ended due to unforeseen circumstances in life, and it is always viable to have a backup plan.
Here are some of the ways people are making passive income today:

1. Real estate rental

Having a property that you can lease out is an excellent to make a side income without working. Apps such as Airbnb has allowed property owners to easily reach out to prospective short-term tenants.
Your property can easily earn you hundreds of dollars in a month or thousands if it has been fully paid up. Best of all, you can flip it at a higher price once the market price goes up.
The best part is that if you have the money to scale up to multiple properties, you will be able to generate a consistent stream of income that can let you travel and have fun for a long time.

2. Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are often seen as a volatile and high-risk form of investment. However, with proper trade executions and careful planning, it can be possible to capitalize on the massive fluctuations and reap a sizeable profit in a couple of trades.

Trading bots such as Bitcoin Loophole allows investors with little to no trading knowledge to earning profits by analyzing market trends and other behavioral parameters. And trading bots can set to trade automatically when market conditions are met, requiring little to no involvement from the investor. By investing in cryptocurrencies for an extended period, you can double or even triple your capital with carefully planned trades.

3. Selling digital products

Selling digital goods can be a good way to generate passive income, because it only requires a one-time investment of time and money and you can be earning from your efforts perpetually.

You need to be able to target a specific market or niche in order to move enough volume for a profitable passive income. There are also many factors in play, such as marketing, SEO, production of the product. The success or failure of your digital good depends on how well these factors are put together.
Ebooks, songs, videos, web courses are all extremely popular and can be produced easily even if you don’t have the proper skills. Using websites such as Fiverr, you can hire skilled freelancers to help you produce a digital good which you can sell for a higher price in the digital marketplace.

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