Best Indian Residential Schools With Lesser Funds

Every child has a right to good and quality education and school is a temple of education. With increase in inflation prices of almost everything has gone high and school fees are not an exception.

It’s natural that parents are concerned about their child’s education and at the same time in search of a school where they can afford the fee. After all parents also need to think and plan about the future of his children after school education is completed. Thus in this article we have decided to present some of the factors that you should search for in a good residential schools and are in line with your budget too. Since India is a vast country we have narrowed the results to few schools based on a number of factors like popularity, results, feedback and so on. The key is to look out for the criteria that make a school good.

1. The Doon School, Dehradun

The Doon School, Dehradun is considered by all means to be the best Indian residential school. Situated in state Uttarakhand, which is among one of the best states on India in terms of weather, education and overall pleasantness. This school is very famous and needs no introduction. Infrastructure wise, the school has its own big and beautiful library, an auditorium, halls and wellness center too. The school pays good attention to sports and extra-curricular activities which is in fact an indispensable aspect of education. The pass outs of this school speak highly about it and getting your child here would make sure your child’s future is in safe hands.

2. St. John’s International Residential School, Chennai

St. John’s International Residential School is situated in South India in the capital city Chennai. Chennai is capital city of state TamilNadu and is among one of the cities producing a lot of successful people who shine everywhere in the world with flying colors. This school has a brilliant infrastructure with departments for each necessary section. It lays emphasis on discipline and tries to instill both educational and moral values on students. The school is affiliated with CBSE board and has its own website where you can check further details about the facilities.

3. The Scindia School, Gwalior

Talk about grooming the personality of your child and we have the SCINDIA School for you. It aims at the academic and the personality grooming of students by teaching them using latest technological methods. The school has its own health center and shops and gives a special importance to the sports and athletics. Be it swimming, horse riding or common sports like cricket and football, the school sports facilities never fall shorts of facilities. The school is again based on CBSE and is thus very much acceptable by parents.

4. Welham Girls School, Dehradun

Once again, we find the city of Dehradun to lead in terms of good and affordable schools. The Welham Girls School is affiliated to ICSE board and has students from a vast diverse background. The school is well equipped with various facilities that make it among the top schools in terms of modern day educational requirement.

5. St. Paul’s School, Darjeeling

Darjeeling is not only one of the most beautiful city of India but also a tourist hub. The St. Paul’s School was originally founded at Calcutta (now Kolkata) and now is shifted to Darjeeling. It is affiliated with ICSE curriculum and lacks literally nothing that any other schools in India have. The School caters to educational needs of both boys and girls and has a very well developed infrastructure.

6. Chinmaya International Residential School , Coimbatore

Affiliated with CBSE curriculum, the Chinmaya International Residential School owns a brilliant infrastructure and indulges students in various sports and outdoor activities.

7. Lawrence School, Himachal Pradesh

The school is affiliated with CBSE curriculum and is known to inculcate a good moral, discipline, education and overall personality development in students. It is a very old school which was founded in year 1847. The school has a very good infrastructure and leaves no stone unturned in providing almost all educational and sports facilities.


Now with our top choices as listed above, it’s clear that there are some vectors which make a school best among the rest! The brand name is created when school has a brilliant infrastructure, diversity, affiliations, good teachers and years of good results to prove the competence and value. We hope above list helps you to select the best school in India based on various criteria we considered for scaling them.

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