Banish Risk of Financial Overstretch: Alternative Second Income Ideas

Sometimes in life two things are said to be better than one. Like two heads for example, or (and especially if you’re lining up to enter an Ark in the foreseeable future) breeds of animal. Likewise with certain double the pleasure chocolate bars, such as KitKat and Twix. The same rule of thumb therefore might stand you in good stead when you approach the subject of jobs.

As increasing numbers of us crave the nicer things in life, there’s only so far one salary can stretch to fund purchases. In an ideal world we might turn a blind eye to temptation and be happy with our lot, but – and providing you are prepared to work for it – there’s no harm in reaching for the stars once in a while. Sadly like most shiny things, stars happen to cost more than just a few dollars. With this in mind it might be worth thinking about adding to your existing CV, by virtue of adding to your workload.

More and more people are opting for a second job to help supplement their lifestyles and/or pay off outstanding debts that much quicker, and just so long as you don’t risk damaging your health my attempting to burn the candle at both ends, there’s no reason why you can’t strike a balance. At least for the short to medium term. This way you’ll be making strides to avert plunging into any more unwanted debt, simply by living beyond your means.

Of course, should things not pan out quite how you’d imagined and you decide to bail (or lose your additional income stream), then all will not be last, and you can draw your horns in accordingly thereafter. If things take a more financially damaging turn for the worse, be comforted that there are ways and means to survive even the mightiest fall.

Although not ideal (from your perspective), there are countless cash loan companies who can offer those who have fallen on hard times a financial umbrella; and help out with all aspects of your money management until you’ve got back on an even keel. One such source of monetary safety net can be seen through Cash1Loans, who provide an extensive personal loan service to those directly affected by fiscal difficulties.

Not that we wish to dwell on contingency plans; not when we were previously wishing on a star a paragraph earlier. Returning to the topic of second incomes we could generate, why not take a peek at just a few alternative roles you could apply for alongside of holding down a full-time position. And you can forget all about bartenders, waiting on staff, pizza delivery drivers etc, as we’re talking about thinking outside of the box gigs here. After all, as Gordon Gekko once said, you must speculate to accumulate. He also mentioned something about greed being good, but let’s not go there.
Golf Course Bird Remover – You read right. Someone who is employed to put the frighteners on Canadian Geese who run amok on golf courses, consuming more than their own bodyweight in grass and leaving potentially disease-carrying calling cards. You can’t kill them, but recruits are paid to scare them off
Odour Judge – Arguably preferable to sitting on the panel of America’s Got Talent, odour judges perform odour tests to rate the effectiveness of hygiene products such as soaps, deodorants and body scrubs on individuals. During their shifts recruits could be called upon to inhale a subject’s armpits, feet or breath. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, one odour tester with a 15-year career behind them, has officially sniffed some 5,600 feet; a feat which remains unsurpassed to this day
Snake Milker – Pretty much doing what it says on the tin, a snake milker is responsible for extracting venom from snakes which are qualified as being amongst the world’s deadliest. Think rattlesnakes and cobras, for example. The samples ‘obtained’ are then used to originate anti-venom for medical use, fetching prices up to $1,000 per gram
Dog Surfing Instructor – Yes, this is a thing, apparently. Found at certain beach resorts, members of staff are paid to teach a client and their canine pal how to surf
Professional Mermaids – Staying on the topic of aquatic-based side-occupations, and you can earn up to $300 per hour by performing as a mermaid at birthday parties, together with passing on your ‘swimming like a mermaid’ skills to others
Professional Cuddler – Charging anywhere up to $80 for an hour’s cuddling, professionals in this field are paid to literally snuggle up with complete strangers; which is said to be very relaxing and therapeutic. One Portland-based professional cuddler described how the only real downside to this line of moonlighting, was it comes with the risk of emotional burdens

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