PerceptIn Raises $11M in Funding

PerceptIn, a Shenzhen, China and Santa Clara, CA-based full-stack visual intelligence company, raised $11m in Series A and angel funding.

Backers included Samsung Ventures, Matrix Partners and Walden International.

Led by Zhe Zhang, co-founder and CEO, PerceptIn has also announced the availability of Ironsides, a robotics vision system that combines both hardware and software for real-time tracking, mapping, and path planning for autonomous robots.
Ironsides is a multi-sensor, vision-based perception system that considers and uses a combination of computer vision technologies, without relying on LiDAR, which allows robotic products to accurately sense, perceive, and make decisions to avoid obstacles and operate safely. It features a stereo camera, inertial measurement unit, and multi-core ARM SoC with full Robot Operating System (ROS) support and interface.

PerceptIn’s visual intelligence solutions can be integrated into almost any device, including consumer robots, enterprise robots, autonomous vehicles, drones, AR/VR products, and more.
The company serves more than 100 customers, including customers like Huawei.



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