How Much Time Does It Take To Receive A Pardon?

Do you want to cleanse your record and get yourself a clean chit in Canada? If yes, then National Pardon Center is a place you should refer. However, theprocessing time for a pardon can vary, and as an average, it could take around almost a year.

However, there have been cases where offenders with severe criminal records had waited for more than 24 months to receive a pardon. Having said, it solely depends on your criminal records and history, affecting the turn-around time for a pardon.
Remarkably, no lawyer or a consultant can help in decreasing the processing time for a pardon as it lies in the hands of government bodies and concerned agencies. But, if you’relooking for an answer to how long does it take to get a pardon in Canada, then this article will provide you with the in-depth details.

Prescribed Time Frames to Process a Pardon in Canada

There’re various steps involved to fully process a pardon, each requiring specified time to finish. Having said, below are the assigned timeframes for steps in processing a pardon in Canada:

Fingerprinting Procedure

Recording fingerprints is the first and foremost step for processing a pardon. Also, it takes about 120 days to receive the results and certification of fingerprint request to RCMP.

Request to Court

Many pardon applications require the applicants to include different court documents. However, the requests could take around two weeks to ten months in some cases.

Police Verification

Police verification document is amust for all applicants filing for a pardon. That said, applicants must submit a police records’ check proof, created at the police station in thearea they live in.

Arrangement of Documents

Once all the processes aboveare completed, you’ll be required to gather the documents and prepare them in a file. Not to forget, you shouldn’t rush this process as it could cause a costly mistake. Undeniably, the Parole Board could return you the file if found with any mistakes or missing documents.

Things to Consider While Looking To Get a Pardon in Canada

Often, applicants postpone the pardon process, by relying on dubious information available on various forums and communities online. It’s human nature to believe inpeople who are telling what they want to listen. Having said, there’re various consultant and firms out there who would promise you to get the process done fast. Irrefutably, they can’t do anything to speed up your pardon process.
On top, you need to remember following points when expecting to receive a pardon:
– The timeframes are not guaranteed under any circumstances.
– Among various steps in processing a pardon, any step could face a backlog.
– Every step is processed by the respective government authority, ridding any unauthorized person to influence the specified timeframe.

Final Words

The National Pardon Center oversees every pardon requests and processes them accordingly. If you want to discover more about their timeframes, then you can call them directly. However, it’s suggested to ignore any false claims by avarious consultant about speeding up the pardon processing time.


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