Envisagenics Raises $2.25m in Seed Funding

Envisagenics, Inc., a New York, NY-based early drug discovery company, raised $2.25m in seed funding.

The round was led by Dynamk Capital with participation from other investors including Third Kind Venture Capital (3KVC), Cosine, LLC (NYC biotech investors), Dolby Family Ventures, NY Empire State Development (ESD), and SV Angel.

Led by Dr. Maria Luisa Pineda, co-founder and CEO, Envisagenics is a life science company that applies artificial intelligence to the genetic sequence of patients to discover new therapies. Its proprietary cloud-based discovery platform SpliceCore™ uses machine learning to prioritize new drug target candidates from patients’ RNA.
The company focuses on RNA splicing, a cellular process occurring in every cell, that ‘edits’ RNA to produce functional proteins required for our body to work.
Envisagenics was founded in 2014 as a spinout of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.



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