Investing in Property: Quality v/s Cost

When I was doing my Masters in Business Administration, I was taught that real challenge is to improve the efficiency, increase the revenue and cut down expenses; check out management books at discounted rates with vouchers from Bydiscountcodes and read yourself. It always baffled me that how can any organization expect an increase in revenue or quality by reducing the prices? How can you get a premium, the start of the art technology or product by compromising on the budget? But this is the ugly truth of the corporate world where you want more by investing less.

One such investment which people and corporations heavily invest is property. It is known as a long-term investment or future investment that will help in the turbulent times in cash or kind. In these troubled times where inflation is soaring high property has slacked down and many investors have started feeling that it was foolish to invest in Strata Property but that is not true. The inflation rate is something to worry about as it has limited the spending power of a person but having a shared investment in property which is well maintained can help to start over yet again if in case you are laid off. But how does a well-maintained property valuable than an unkempt property?

Let’s take the analogy of a car, a new car is expensive than a used car every wondered why? Simple because it is newly built and not been used. But amongst two-second hand cars which one will you use? Well, it will depend on a lot of factors like age of the engine, year of manufacturing, maintenance, etc. and you will choose the one which has been taking care of by the owners. Similarly, say if you have a flat but is not kept properly or maintained in order to save the expenses and there is another which is well maintained. Which one will fetch a better price and the first choice? Undoubtedly, investing in a property is a big investment but to keep the property maintained makes it a smart investment. Why do big real estate companies or homeowners getting the best price of their property if they are cutting the cost and still improving the quality?

It is because they do not delay on the small expenses needed to maintain the property which when done immediately are small expenses but if accrued becomes a big expense. Similarly, when the homeowners keep upgrading their flat or residence by making small changes or filling the loopholes the aesthetic and quality of the place improves which helps to increase the resale value. Take for an example cracks in walls or sagging floor. If you fix these issues as soon as they appear you will save yourself (and your property) a lot of trouble down the road, because these can mean that there’s something bigger happening with a house – foundation problem. That’s why experts from Granite Foundation Repair always advise to maintain your property regularly. So if you have a property that you plan to sell then it’s time to pay attention and make a budget to maintain the property that will fetch you a fortune.

To conclude, till the time I finished my post graduation this oxymoron of less budget and high quality was resolved and it stopped perplexing me. Similarly, if you are planning to invest in future then start making a budget to maintain it and reap the fruits later.

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