The Importance of the Essay in Higher Education

In higher education and in other educational fields, it is appreciated that academic essay is a form of written production.

In addition, it is a methodological resource, used by teachers and students as part of the process of verifying knowledge or directed student work. The essay is one of important requirements for graduation.

As a result of some surveys applied between August 2006 and September 2007 to teachers and students of careers, such as Law, Medicine, Metallurgical Engineering, Psychopedagogy, Physical Education, Languages, Arts and Psychology, it was verified that there is a great difference in the concept of the essay, its structure, extension and somehow its elaboration. In the same way, the surveys showed that teachers do not adequately guide students about the structure and content of the essay. Apparently, the student is free to propose the design of the subject, which makes it difficult to evaluate and, therefore, many of its advantages are wasted for both the writer and the reader.

This diversity of criteria directly affects the imaginary about how a test is performed, then the students make their scriptural productions according to the opinion of the teacher, thus exposed to be evaluated differently according to the criteria that the teacher has about the same. Aligning between the will of the teacher and us as writers sometimes becomes something annoying and of course complicated. We must really enrich ourselves with the related knowledge to equate some perceptions into a harmonious unity. In the midst of time constraints, it becomes increasingly difficult to do; therefore alternative ways are worth considering. One of the suggested alternative ways is to buy an essay. Buying an essay means not just spending money on a paper but also learning how an essay should be written. By buying from a trusted third party you can learn from them how to put all your ideas or opinions into a work of writing.

Essay is a subjective paper aimed at influencing each reader to be in the same line of thinking on a theme. Every writer needs to choose a controversial theme in order to provoke a debate or argumentation war among readers. Any essay that is too general and neutral is considered a failed essay. This is the main point of difference between the essay on the one hand and the other writings on the opposite side.

At this point, it is convenient to emphasize that writing an essay is not unlike any discipline expressed otherwise, that no knowledge possesses exclusivity over this form of expression. Those who consider that the care of language is a matter exclusively for linguists and writers, forget that ideas and concepts are expressed by words, and that there can be no force and depth independently of language, which is constituted in the clarity of the writing of the same and therefore the simplicity. We hope by reading this short article you can enrich your knowledge in writing especially in writing essay.

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