Certain Affinity Receives US$10M Minority Investment from Leyou Technologies

Certain Affinity, an Austin, Texas-based independent video game developer, received a US$10M minority investment from Leyou Technologies Holdings Limited (Hong Kong Stock Exchange: 1089).

In exchange for the investment, Leyou will receive a 20% ownership stake in the company.

Following the close of the deal, which follows an earlier US$5M investment in Certain Affinity by Capstar Partners, an Austin, Texas-based private investment firm, the company will continue to operate independently, expanding operations with its new headquarters and new game initiatives.

Under the agreement with Leyou, Certain Affinity will develop and produce an original game based on certain licensed intellectual properties, under the direction of, and with input and cooperation from Leyou, and in return will receive a portion of the net revenue from the game.
Leyou will also provide Certain Affinity with an interest-free, non-recourse loan facility of up to US$15M to pay for costs and expenses incurred in connection with development of the game, solely recoupable from the revenue derived from the game.
Leyou also has the option to buy all of the remaining shares of the company in 2021 for a valuation based on an agreed formula, not to exceed US$150M.

Founded in 2006 by Max Hoberman, President, Certain Affinity has a track record developing action games, including both original titles and co-development on multiple games. Notable releases include Call of Duty: Black Ops, DOOM, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Halo 4, Left 4 Dead, Crimson Alliance, Age of Booty and more.

The company has more than 125 full-time employees.



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