6 Dimensions Capital to Raise its $450M First Venture Capital Fund

6 Dimensions Capital, a China and US-focused investment group firm specializing in healthcare and life sciences, is seeking to raise its first fund.

According to a SEC regulatory filing, 6 Dimensions Capital, L.P., aims to raise $450m. No funds have been raised, yet.

Launched in May 2017 with the merge of WuXi Healthcare Ventures and Frontline BioVentures, 6 Dimensions Capital aims to become one of the largest healthcare focused investment firms with an in-depth focus and extensive coverage across China and the US.

6 Dimensions Capital is led by:
– Dr. Ge Li, the founder, Chairman and CEO of WuXi AppTec, and a Founding Partner of WuXi Healthcare Ventures, who is the Chairman of the Board.
– Dr. Leon Chen, the Founder and Managing Partner of Frontline BioVentures, who is the CEO.
The investment team will consist of 26 investment professionals, including 9 Partners and 7 Venture Partners.
Chen, Li, Edward Hu, Wei Li, and Ching Zhu are the people releated to the fund offering.

Founded in 2012 by Dr. Chen, Frontline currently manages two RMB-denominated funds and one USD-denominated fund, with a combined AUM of RMB 3 billion, and has cultivated a portfolio of close to 20 companies.
A spin-off from WuXi AppTec’s corporate venture department established in 2011, WuXi Ventures currently manages two USD-denominated funds with a combined AUM of USD 350m and has invested in a portfolio of close to 40 companies.

6 Dimensions Capital is now managing a combined AUM of RMB 5.5 billion, or close to USD 800m, and is now starting raising both new RMB and USD-denominated funds.
The firm has offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Boston, San Francisco.



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