Rewired Launches $100M Robotics-Focused Studio and Venture Capital Fund

London, England and Lausanne, Switzerland-based Rewired has launched a robotics-focused studio and venture capital fund.

Tej Kohli, a principal investor in multi-family office Cascade Global, backed Rewired. To start, the firm is investing $100m in applied science and technologies that advance machine perception.

Rewired’s first thesis is that improving machine perception will unlock the next generation of smart robotics. To that end, the firm is focusing on the sensors, software, and systems that help autonomous machines to interact with unpredictable environments and collaborate with humans.

Led by venture partners Santiago Tenorio, Andy Hickl, Nova Spivack, Gleb Chuvpilo, and investment manager Jae-Yong Lee, Rewired is launching with an active portfolio that includes Open Bionics and Raptor Maps and is currently investing in a number of other companies addressing high-growth opportunities in machine perception, machine learning, and cognition.

Advisors include Dr. Eduardo Castello Ferrer, Dr. Mirko Kovac, Raul Bravo, Fady Saad, and Thomas Estier.

Based in London and Lausanne, the firm will soon be expanding to East Asia and the United States.




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