Tango Card Receives $10M Strategic Growth Investment From WTI

Tango Card, a Seattle, WA-based provider of digital rewards and incentives to enterprise customers, received a $10M investment from Western Technology Investment (WTI).

The company plans to use the funds to increase investment in its core Reward Delivery Platform or RDP™, in new products and to accelerate expansion outside of the United States.

Led by David Leeds, CEO & Founder, Tango Card bundles technology, a global catalog of digital reward content and an expert service to enable companies to optimize the results of their reward and incentive programs.
The company currently works with 2,000 enterprise companies to deliver wellness and engagement programs for employees, customer acquisition and engagement programs, research participation programs, payment disbursement, and other key use cases.
Tango Card has offices in Seattle, Washington and Boise, Idaho.



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