Anthemis and Exponential Ventures Launch Incubator Focused on Financial Wellness

Anthemis and Exponential Ventures, the innovation arm of MMI Holdings, have launched an incubator dedicated to financial wellness.

Based in London, the incubator will identify business opportunities, refine business models, source talent and scale financial wellness startups.

The financial wellness incubator deepens an existing collaboration between Anthemis and Exponential Ventures. In June 2016, Anthemis Exponential Ventures (AEV) launched with a mission is to invest in early stage companies that improve the financial wellness of individuals and SMEs.
To date, AEV has invested in four financial wellness startups, including:
– Abaka, an intelligent savings platform for employers to improve the financial wellbeing of their workforce;
– Monese, an online banking service for individuals and businesses;
– Qapital, an everyday banking app that allows users to create goals and rules to drive saving habits; and
– Payoff, a financial wellness company applying science, psychology and technology to help members improve their relationship with money.

Industrial designer and serial entrepreneur Erica Young, who joined Anthemis in 2015, will lead the financial wellness incubator operational team and report to the Anthemis-Exponential Ventures executive board.


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