Campus Capital Appoints First Student VCs

campuscapitalCampus Capital, a Sheffield, UK-based on-campus venture capital firm, has appointed its first student VCs.

The 18 student venture capitalists, who are all from The University of Sheffield studying different subjects ranging from science and engineering to finance, will help to identify promising businesses and recommend investments, with the final decisions made by an independent credit committee.

Co-founded by Samantha Deakin Hill and Michael Howe, Campus Capital is based on US models such as the Dorm Room Fund and the Wolverine Venture Fund, working in partnership with some of the UK’s leading universities to provide localized early stage, growth focused investment funds.
The firm, which is in the process of raising its first £2m fund, will invest sums from £50k to £200k in high-growth businesses in the city regions of its university partners.
It has signed up The University of Sheffield and University of Manchester as its first partners and plans to roll out the model nationwide.

The student vcs are:
– Baiju Shah, Economics with Finance, 2nd year
– Carrie Wong, Psychology, 3rd & final year
– David Moodie, Artificial Intelligence & Computer Science, 2nd year
– Yuhua Wang, Information School, 1st year PhD
– Mihnea Trifan, Electronic & Communications Engineering, 3rd year
– Alex Thiery, Developmental Biology, PhD
– Sydney Samuels, English & Philosophy, 3rd & final year
– Carlos Morales, Advanced Computer Science, 2nd year PhD
– Mihaela Gruia, Data Science, MSc
– Toby Abbs, Politics & Research Methods, MSc
– Omar Abdelatty, Mechanical Engineering, 2nd year
– Alex Tanner, Medicine, 1st year
– Philip Smith, Electronic & Communications Engineering, 3rd year
– Tanja Kuzman, Finance, PhD
– Jacqueline Kaminsky, Economics, 2nd year
– Tom Sutton, Mechatronic & Robotic Engineering, 1st year
– Tristan Westlake, Economics with Finance, 1st year
– Thomas Dwyer, Business Management, 1st year, and
– Fady Rezk, Computer Systems Engineering, 2nd year



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