HTC Vive Launches $10M Fund to Develop VR Apps Driving Positive Impact in Support of UN SDGs

HTC Vive, the virtual reality system developed by HTC, is pledging $10M in funding to develop VR applications that drive positive impact in support of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

VR For Impact is now issuing a call to VR developers and creators to build projects which directly support The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, having the potential to change the world leveraging virtual reality’s ability to immerse people into a given experience and to view the world with a new perspective.
Example projects include experience war zones, celebrations, life, death and everything in-between, bring history to life in the most immersive way yet possible, work in new ways, seeing an industrial project from inside and out, collaborating with colleagues beyond the whiteboard in real time and real space, travel instantly to any point on the globe, or the solar system, or beyond, make medicine become magic by visualizing the human body at a definition never seen.

The call is open to developers creating VR titles on any platform and promoting one or more of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.



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