b-to-v Partners Appoints Luca Martinelli and Benedikt Kronberger as Partners

btovb-to-v Partners AG, a venture capital specialist operating out of offices in St. Gallen, Berlin and Luxembourg, has appointed Luca Martinelli and Benedikt Kronberger as partners.

They will complement the management team consisting of Dr. Jochen Gutbrod, Dr. Christian Schütz, Florian Schweitzer and Alexander Stoeckel.

Luca Martinelli joined b-to-v as an analyst in 2013 and will support the team of the €75m internet & mobile fund.
In the second year of his economics and engineering studies (e.g. Maastricht University and TU Munich), he co-founded Uniseminar, an exam preparation and further education company that has operated profitably to this day and maintains offices in Berlin and Zurich. At b-to-v, Martinelli was instrumental in structuring the successful investments in Beekeeper, COMPEON, Comtravo, Joblift, Seven Senders and others.

Analyst Benedikt Kronberger joined b-to-v in 2011 and strengthens the team of the Advanced Technologies Fund currently under preparation.
Kronberger is an economist (Universities of Vienna and Harvard) and gained comprehensive experience in M&A (e.g. Rothschild, OMV AG, IFC) and as the co-founder of two start-ups before joining b-to-v. The combination of start-up and investment experience makes him an expert in the field of equity investments. At b-to-v, Kronberger has been instrumental in structuring, negotiating and managing such investments as eperi, CoMatch, GNA Biosolutions, Testbirds and Webdata Solutions.



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