Tyson Foods Launches $150M Venture Capital Fund

tysonTyson Foods (NYSE: TSN) has launched a $150m venture capital fund that will focus on the food space.

Based in Chicago, IL, Tyson New Ventures will complement the company’s continuing investment in innovation in its core fresh meats, poultry and prepared foods businesses by focusing on three areas in the foods space:
– commercializing alternative proteins;
– tackling food insecurity and food loss through market making and other commercial models; and
– tapping the internet of food to promote more precise and productive resource application, safety, and consumer empowerment in the food chain.

Tyson New Ventures will be led by Mary Kay James, who has been named vice president and general manager. She previously served as managing director of DuPont Ventures, was chairperson of the National Venture Capital Association, Corporate Venture Group, and an advisory board member to Global Corporate Venturing.



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