Alliance Source Testing Receives Investment from Align Capital Partners

alliance_logoAlliance Source Testing, a provider of source emissions (or stack) testing services to industrial facilities in the United States, received an investment from Align Capital Partners.

The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Led by CEO Chris LeMay, AST provides source testing solutions for utility, aluminum, midstream energy, specialty chemical and other types of industrial facilities for permitting and compliance in accordance with mandates from local, state and federal regulatory bodies.
In details, it provides Stack Testing Services to partners with permit, MACT, or NSPS testing requirements; CEMS Evaluations in support of Part 60, 63 and 75 programs; Onsite Analytical Services in support of testing projects including FTIR, GC/FID, GC/FPD, IC, gravimetric and multiple titrations; and Fugitive Emissions Evaluations in support of LDAR and Greenhouse Gas monitoring programs.

The company services customers’ through offices in Alabama, Arkansas, Pennsylvania and Texas.



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