SalaryFits Raises €1.25M in Funding

salaryfits-logo3SalaryFits, a sustainable credit startup, raised €1.25m in funding.

The EU/Portugal initiative Portugal2020 provided the financial resources.

The company will use the funds to continue to expand operations.

Founded by Chairmain Renato Araujo, SalaryFits provides a platform that allows financial institutions to integrate their systems with payroll information of entities, giving access to a new risk assessment tool, as well as the possibility of the deducting the installments directly from one’s salary.
In addition, trough commercial and technical teams – involved in integrating public and private entities’ payroll systems with the platform – the company provides a commercial channel for financial institutions to reach potential clients, without the need of an expensive sales effort (usually directed on an individual basis approach).
The company’s team include:
Delber Lage (Salaryfits – UK)
Eduardo Maroso (Salaryfits – Portugal)
Guilherme Mota and Alvaro Amorim (Salaryfits – India)
Moacir Giansante (SalaryFits – Italy)

The company has offices in Portugal, UK and Italy.



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