IRYStec Completes Series A Financing Round

irystecIRYStec Software Inc., a Montreal, CA-based developer of perceptual display processing technology, closed a Series A financing.

Backers included BDC Capital, Tandemlaunch and angel investors including the Purple Angels.

The company intends to use the funds for marketing and sales activities.

Founded in 2015 by Simon Morris, CEO, IRYStec Software has developed Perceptual Display Platform (PDP) embedded software solutions which enable consumer device and automotive OEMs to optimize their display device viewing experience and performance.
The platform leverages human eye science, proprietary image processing algorithms and physiological models to replicate and emulate how the human eye sees, adapt to viewer attributes (age, gender, ethnicity, colour and contrast perception) and improve readability across all ambient light conditions, while reducing eyestrain and power consumption.
PDP technology aims to improve the viewing experience on all displays from smartphones to Virtual Reality (VR) headsets to automotive displays.



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