Datera Raises $40M in Funding

dateraDatera, a Mountain View, CA-based provider of AWS-like elastic block storage to enterprises and service providers, raised $40m in funding.

Backers included Khosla Ventures, Samsung Ventures and individual investors Andy Bechtolsheim and Pradeep Sindhu.

Founded by Marc Fleischman, CEO, Nicholas Bellinger, CTO, and Claudio Fleiner, Architect, Datera has just emerged from stealth to bring hyperscale operations and economics to private and public clouds. Its first product — Datera Elastic Data Fabricâ„¢ — is scale-out storage software that turns standard, commodity hardware into a RESTful API-driven, policy-based storage fabric for large-scale clouds. The fabric is already being used in production by multiple large enterprises and service providers worldwide including Packet, Schuberg Philis and Teuto.
The advisory board of the company includes Carl Waldspurger, Steve Kleiman, Michael Dvorkin, Martin Buhr, Eric Baldeschwieler and Steve Mullaney.



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