ICX Media Raises $2.5M in Seed Funding

icxmediaICX Media, a Washington, DC-based developer of a content distribution and data platform for independent video creators, brands and media companies, raised $2.5m in seed funding.

The company is using the funds to build the platform.

Co-founded by CEO Michael Avon (who is also a venture partner at ABS Capital Partners), Tom MacIsaac, Chief Technology Officer Steven McCord and Chief Product Officer Joey McCord, ICX Media is building an on-demand platform for independent video creators to simplify the process of producing, distributing and marketing digital video content, for creators to find larger audiences for their videos and make more money from their content and for media companies and brands to source, license and distribute digital video content produced by independent creators.
The company’s data analytics engine uses machine learning to match specific content to audiences, enabling more precise marketing and monetization for quality content.
ICX Media, which is currently in private beta with numerous amateur and professional independent content creators, has an additional presence in New York and Los Angeles.

Investors and advisors include:
– Phil Herget (Lead Investor & Board Member) – Former Co-Managing Partner, Columbia Capital, and Chairman of Vubiquity
– Darcy Antonellis – CEO of Vubiquity and former CTO of Warner Brothers
– Neustar Founders and Former Executives: Jeff Ganek, Robert Poulin and Mark Foster
– Point Judith Capital: David Martirano, Co-Founder and General Partner
– Brian O’Kelley – CEO and Founder of AppNexus and Co-Founder of Right Media
– Jay Markley – Board Member of Charter Communications, Chairman of BroadSoft, and former Board Member of Millennial Media
– Franklin Raines – Former CEO of Fannie Mae and Chairman of XAPPmedia
– Song Pak – EVP Operations and General Counsel of Revolution
– Pete Kaiman – Co-Founder, Kaiman Brothers
– Art Marks – Managing Partner at Valhalla Partners, Board Member of Vubiquity and Videology, former Board Member, Advertising.com
– Bobby Campbell – Founder, Good Wizard Productions, Former Founder and CEO of AdKarma and Division D
– Co-Founders of Blackbird Technologies and Razor’s Edge Ventures – Steve Pann and Peggy Styer
– Ted Prince – SVP, Information Services & Corporate Development, Neustar; former President, National Geographic Ventures & COO, Global Media; former SVP, Strategy & Development, AOL TimeWarner
– Jim Mollica – Head of Digital Marketing and Content, Under Armour; former SVP, Marketing, Viacom; former Global New Media Director, Disney.



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