Valley Healthcare Group Receives $13.0M Financing

Valley Healthcare Group, LLC, a Phoenix, Arizona-based provider of durable medical equipment, custom rehabilitation, mobility solutions, and sleep center services, received $13.0m in financing.

The round was led by Main Street Capital Corporation (NYSE: MAIN) with a $10.4m investment consisting of first-lien, senior secured term debt.

The company will use the funds for near-term growth opportunities and refinancing the existing debt.

Founded in 2006, VHG owns and operates five pulmonary-related entities that provide continuous positive airway pressure and bi-level positive airway pressure equipment, oxygen, related supplies, ventilators, nebulizers and other equipment to patients with sleep apnea and other respiratory deficiencies. The company also specializes in diagnostic sleep disorder testing and operates seven sleep centers in Phoenix, Arizona, two in Tucson, Arizona, and one in Omaha, Nebraska.



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