Alef Mobitech Solutions Receives $5M Investment from Tata Capital

Alef Mobitech Solutions Private Limited, a subsidiary of Alef Mobitech Inc., a New York area-based mobile internet enhancement platform provider, received an investment of around $5m from Tata Capital Innovations Fund (TCIF), a private equity fund managed by Tata Capital.

The investment will allow Alef Mobitech Solutions to strengthen its business development, marketing and R&D initiatives.

Co-founded by Steve Spencer and Dr. Ganesh Sundaram, Alef Mobitech has developer a mobility-cloud interconnect platform and solution suite which enhances user engagement by increasing relevance and responsiveness of mobile internet applications. These solutions, in addition to enabling the delivery of rich content over mobile data networks, also open up new opportunities to launch mobile internet services across both consumer and enterprise business verticals.
The company has offices in New Jersey, Mumbai and Pune.



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